Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weight Watchers & Winco

So... I joined Weight Watchers this week and I'm incredibly excited about it! I have a friend who joined about a month ago and has lost close to 15 lbs and she inspired me to go for it- meetings and everything!

Weight Watchers is very vegan/vegetarian friendly because you eat whatever you want and just calculate your points and make sure to stay in your points range. Many of their recipes even have directions for a vegetarian variation.

On a related note because it has to do with food and eating :) I went to Winco this morning for a successful shopping experience. David and I have decided to start shopping there because it is sooooo much cheaper than Vons! Like 1/2 the price sometimes! Last week was our first visit in a very loooong time and I was so pleasantly surprised to find so many great veggie options, and lots of organic options too.

Today I got some unsweetened organic soymilk for about $1.83 per carton, some fake ground 'beef', which I rarely buy, but am planning to make a Mexi-casserole type thing next week, bulk organic raw sugar, bulk quinoa, beautiful gold and red bell peppers for .83 each! And some other stuff... I was so happy with my haul I took a pic!
They also have a nice selection of organic marinated tofu, for cheap. I wasn't able to find any tempeh, so I guess I'll still have to head to the health food store for a few things...