Monday, September 28, 2009

appetizers for dinner

Tonight I made the Roasted Red Pepper, White Bean, Cilantro Dip from Happy Herbivore. It is so easy and good. You can find the recipe here.

I LOVE hors d'oeuvre more than probably anything! So I decided to have a little platter of finger foods for dinner tonight. I chopped up some raw broccoli and raw zucchini that were just about to hit the 'too ripe' mark and then toasted up a couple flour tortillas in a tiny bit of safflower oil in a hot pan. This made for a fun, easy and deeelicious dinner.

I let the dip chill for about an hour tonight, but it will probably be even better tomorrow after the flavors have ample time to marry. mmmmmm


  1. I love having dips and spreads for dinner too! It makes me feel like I'm at some fancy function...but all by myself...which is probably better anyway since I'm not crazy about schmoozing at fancy functions....unless there's free alcohol. :-)

    Love the blog! I'm adding yours to my blog roll.

  2. love appetizer dinners! maybe it comes from years of dining out, making a meal out of side dishes.