Monday, October 5, 2009

I Like These...

I have had a crazy stressful day... without going in to too many details, I'm on a crazy deadline at work and also, some jerks at work decided that our resident kitties are causing an odor issue and they have to go, and I could go on. But I won't.

Instead I'm going to talk about my new favorite treat! (sorry this is a bit of a MOFO cop out, as I'm not talking about something fabulous that I made...)

Turtle Mountain's So Delicious Banana Split Mini Sandwiches. They are tiny non-dairy ice cream sandwiches made with coconut milk. They look like Neapolitan sandwiches, but the flavors are strawberry, chocolate and banana! At first I was like, "oh- it is so teensy. I'll have to eat three!" But really, one is enough because they are very rich! You can still taste a hint of coconut in each flavor, which I LOVE! Coconut is one of my favorite things.
They only have 100 calories each (2 Weight Watchers points) ;) and are the perfect end to an evening. When my stressful day is done here in about 3 more hours... I'm going to have one!


  1. OMG, aren't these the BEST?! I love them, too!

  2. Not a cop-out at all! You just taught me about something that sounds superawesomeradtastic. Thank you!

  3. The awesome thing about MoFo is that you don't have to talk about something you made - talking about a vegan product is equally just as cool so no cop out at all going on.
    I would so love to be able to get things like this here but it's probably just as well I can't. At 100 calories each I just know I'd eat twice as many!