Tuesday, November 24, 2009

7 layers of heaven

I made a miniature 7 layer dip inspired by a recipe in The Kind Diet (I'm not sure mine actually had seven full layers...). This was supposed to be my dinner one night since I made about a quarter of the actual recipe. I ate this for FOUR meals! So you can imagine how big of a crowd the full recipe would feed!

I won't quote the entire recipe here, but 7 layer dip is pretty standard and made several changes to the recipe so I'll describe what you see in the pics.

This is a side view before I baked it. In a small Pyrex bowl I layered black refried beans, fresh avocado mixed with key lime juice, Tofutti sour cream mixed with a couple tablespoons of Bearitos Taco Seasoning, and Nacho Teese. I then baked it for a while until everything was hot throughout.

Then I added a layer of salsa, kind of in a heart shape...

Lastly, and I consider this a layer :), I ate it up with Have'a Corn chips- my favorite corn chips with a hint of soy sauce and lime.

I ate until I was full and there was so much left over. The next meal I crisped up an Ezekiel tortilla and cut it into wedges, the next meal I ate it cold with a toasted whole wheat tortilla and then just a spoon!

This was my first experience with Teese. I liked it okay. It has a slightly strange tang to it, and I think the dip would be just as good without it. The spiced-up sour cream gives it enough 'cheesyness' on its own. But it was still YUMMY and satisfied many cravings!


  1. I say boo to Teese--just can't get over the smell. Have you tried ChReese for this type of thing? (And of course there's my new love, Daiya.)

    By the way, I'm finishing up the "rock you like a hurricane" birdy bag, so if you'd still like one, shoot me an e-mail (vegtasticvoyage@yahoo.com)

  2. I haven't delved much into vegan cheese at all. I tried FYH nacho and was disgusted. The Teese was better but will probably not make the cut. I haven't been able to find Daiya so I think I need to see if my health food store will order it for me. Their pretty good about that sort of thing.

    And I just sent you an email- I totally want the bag! :) Thanks!