Thursday, July 2, 2009

Furlough Day Breakfast!

I don't work on Thursdays due to "this ecomony" (ha ha). Therefore, I do FABULOUS things on Thursdays! I hang with my cats in the back garden, watch whatever I want on TV, catch up on chores at a leisurely pace (or not!), go to cafes and eat muffins and drink coffee and read books, go to the movies with my girlfriends who are teachers and don't have to work in the summer, get pedicures, drink margaritas at noon, etc. (thank you 'economy' you have enriched my life by giving me an extra day even if you have taken $ out of my pocket)

So this morning has been glorious. I tried to sleep in but my cats didn't want me to sleep anymore so I got up, surfed the internet, let kitties go outside until barky neighbor dogs scared them, made a french press pot o french roast and drank it with plenty of Silk Creamer (original, NOT vanilla, which I now have to make a special trip to the health food store to get because Vons decided to stop carrying the original!!), and then decided to make breakfast!

I quartered some baby yukon gold potatoes (and my short cut is to partially cook them in the microwave for 5 minutes), sliced the last of my batch of organic gold and red baby bell peppers (apparently I'm into 'baby' veggies), sliced a bit of red onion, and cooked it all up in some safflower oil. Then I took a flour tortilla and threw it in the empty pan and toasted it up and it soaked up a little of the left over flavors. I gobbled this all up with a couple drops of ketchup and taco sauce. This is very similar to a dish I order at a little cafe and pay $4 for. And this way I didn't even have to get dressed!

I'm going to see Away We Go this afternoon at 3:30- I may not leave the house until 3:00.

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