Sunday, June 28, 2009

sweet, sweet victory

My husband is not opposed to eating vegan or vegetarian foods, but they would certainly not be his first choice on a menu. He is a very meat & potatoes guy. He does, however, love everything I bake, and almost everything I cook.

I make this bomb chocolate cake from the Vegan Express cookbook that he will gobble up. When I told him it was vegan he said, 'yeah, it tastes "healthier" than regular cake.' He did not mean that "healthier" was a bad thing- just different.

So this weekend I baked up two vegan items that he is diggin'. Yesterday afternoon I made oatmeal cookies- basically used the recipe on the canister of oatmeal but used egg replacer instead of eggs. They were dense and spicy and yummy. He said, "these are GOOD." :) And this morning I just made pancakes, again, he ate 'em up!

We love to go to breakfast on the weekends, but unless I want to get a dry bagel and country potatoes, there aren't many options at the greasy spoon diners in these parts. Making breakfast is a perfectly fabulous option for me!

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