Monday, June 29, 2009

Yuck vs Yum

So of course the news all over the vegan world is this crazy post over at about non-vegan items in vegan restaurants in LA.

Since I am very newly transitioning to veganism- I'll call myself a strict vegetarian for now because I'm learning all the ins and outs- I find this article especially distressing and overwhelming.

The whole 'fake-meat' realm is kinda creepy anyway. One reason I've given up meat is because I don't like it all that much (along with the myriad other positive aspects of giving it up- health, saving animals, environmental...). So why would I want to eat things that seem "just like meat"?? I don't. I had some vegetarian kung pow chicken the other day and it was so chicken-y that I was put off. It tasted good, but I just kept thinking, "this is like eating chicken and I don't want to eat chicken, I want to eat fruits and veggies and tofu and whole grains..." And one of the few advantages of living in farmville is the awesome accesss to local, organic, affordable produce of ALL kinds! Like the big ole basket of organic strawberries I got today for $3.50 and they were grown less than an hour from my house! Boo ya!

I'm sure I'll partake in the occasional Tofurky sausage, but the least processed the better- in every aspect of life!

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